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Optical setting, inspection and measuring attachments

Drill Grinder Optical Attachments

Setting and inspection microscope

For accurate alignment of drills 1 - 18 mm (0.04 - 0.71") in diameter, and inspection of the ground cutting edges and thinned points. Magnification is 10 x.


Length and angle measuring attachment

This unit incorporates cross and longitudinal adjustment, and a microscope adjustable in height permitting angular measurement. The length and angle measurement attachment has been specifically designed for optically grinding and measuring twist drills and step drills to a reading accuracy of 0.01 mm (0.0004").

With the built-in angle measuring device, helix, lip clearance and countersink angles can also be measured with ease.

Drill Grinder Optical Attachments

The viewing field is 16 mm (0.63"), and magnification 10 x. Maximum longitudinal travel is 80 mm (3.15"). Maximum cross adjustment is 16 mm (0.63") either side of the center line.


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