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1-32/52 Drill Point and Step Drill Grinding Machines

Available in three versions: 100A, 101A, 102AS

Continuous rotary grinding principle prevents indexing errors due to un-equal flutes.
Point grinding, web thinning and flute correction; cylindrical grinding and relief grinding of steps in one clamping.
Grinding of right- and left-hand tools with two or more flutes.
Universal workhead can also be set up for special grinding applications.
Maximum concentricity achieved by clamping the drill on the lands.
Infinitely variable clamping range of 1-16 mm (0.04 - 0.6") with reduction jaws and 14-32 mm (0.55 - 1.25") with the main jaws.
Open-ended chuck accommodates unlimited drill length.
Quick grinding wheel change; no tools needed.
*Optical setting, inspection and measuring attachments.
Machine easy to operate thanks to detailed instruction manual.
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Christen Drill GrindersModel 1-32/100A

Universal application for standard and special grinding operations.

As the grinding examples show, the
1-32/52 features versatility of application, simplicity and economy while satisfying all current requirements for grinding modern drills.

Model 1-32/101A

With automatic grinding wheel oscillation.

The advantages of this version are:
more consistent wheel wear, reduction of non-productive time, effortless operation.

Automatic oscillation is regarded as essential for grinding carbide drills efficiently. It is also recommended wherever the machine is in constant operation.

Four operation programs are available for both right- and left-hand drills

  1. single stroke
  2. double stroke
  3. continuous oscillation
  4. stop position without movement

The feed rate is infinitely variable by means of a regulating valve.

Model 1-32/102AS

With grinding wheel oscillation, workhead drive and press-on arrangement for the workhead controlled by a SIMATIC S5-101U Program Control.

The integrated Simatic S5-101U Program Control permits grinding in series with higher productivity.

8 programs are available for both right- and left-hand drills:

  • No. 1 radial relief point grinding
  • No. 2 double radial relief point grinding
  • No. 3 land free-grinding
  • No. 4 4-facet point grinding
  • No. 5 point thinning
  • No. 6 6-facet point grinding
  • No. 7 indexing operations
  • No. 8 step drills

The movement programs are selected via decade switches. A workpiece and feed stop permits accurate alignment of the drill point or the countersink lip of a step drill.

Manual operations are reduced to clamping , aligning, infeed and release.


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